We’re in this together.

In every business, there are times and situations where you need a little inspiration or helping hand. Follow us through your favourite social media channel and learn from the experiences of other Motivational Maps professionals.

We also run regular events to get our practitioners together. These are not only educational events but also a fun way to make contact with and share experiences with other practitioners.


All managers reported they were much happier with work and to come to work as a result of the process.


Administrative console

Administrative console

Need help with the Motivational Maps administrative console? Want to customise your Motivational Maps reports for new clients? Contact us and we’ll get you up and running again as quickly as possible.


Events and seminars

  • 25 May 2017
    How Leaders are Enabling Teams Book


    Motivational Maps Senior Practitioner Kate Turner will be sharing her insights into how leaders are enabling teams, and embedding capability. Kate specialises in leadership motivation, and will be joined by guest Julia Parnaby of Big Lottery Fund, who will talk about teams being enabled to shine brightly and become more than the sum of their parts. This presentation is part of the Liberating Leadership showcase.

  • 16 Jun 2017
    Five great minds Book


    The Levitt Group five great minds events bring together leading executives, academics and authors to share their knowledge with the CIM. It is an opportunity to listen to and question experts at the forefront of their field. 

    In his presentation, James Sale of Motivational Maps will give you new ways to think about what motivation is, why it is so problematic and how you can increase it in individuals, teams and organisations. He will introduce you to the concept of Motivational Maps and how they help us understand and manage this all-important human attribute. 

    (Although this event is restricted to Chartered Marketers, Fellows and members of the Levitt Group, Levitt Group members are encouraged to invite colleagues and clients as guests, even if they don’t meet the membership criteria, as a way of developing learning and relationships with them. The cost is £65 per guest, and they do not need to be a member of CIM or join the Levitt Group.)


  • 27 Jun 2017
    NEDgroup Live - Motivation & Self-Evaluation Book

    London N1 9AG

    Russam GMS is sponsoring a day for aspiring or newly appointed Non‐Executive Directors.

    Russam GMS have brought together a group of knowledgeable and respected speakers to help you reflect on your career and to consider yourself through a new lens which we believe will be invaluable as you continue your search for Non‐Executive Director roles.

    James Sale of Motivational Maps Limited is delighted to be taking part in this event that will give you time to assess your values, motivation and beliefs to help you articulate your personal strengths and skills competencies – your special proposition to a Boardroom.

  • 31 Jul 2017
    Motivational Map Training with Magenta Coaching Book

    Cambridgeshire and online

    Magenta Coaching are offering a range of Motivational Map training opportunities throughout 2016. There are a variety of courses to suit different needs - including online learning - please read their brochure for more information. Bevis Moynan of Magenta Coaching is Senior Practitioner of Motivational Maps

  • 31 Jul 2017
    Online Team Maps Workshop Training Book


    Aspirin Business Solutions are VERY excited to announce their Online Team Maps Workshop Training – with 10 Training Videos and Worksheets, covering the fundamentals of:
    How to sell Motivational Maps and Team Map workshops to your internal and external clients
    How to create and analyse Team Maps
    How to facilitate Team Map workshops
    Includes the full slidedeck/powerpoint presentation – so it’s ready to go !!!
    Because this training is available on line you can contact Aspirin anytime to arrange access.
    Contact Heath heath@aspirinbusiness.com